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Midori has been performing lash perming since 1999 in Japan where it is a very common and popular treatment.
Patience and skill are critically important with this procedure to avoid tangled, crooked, or frizzy eyelashes.

The skill of the Aesthetician is important!


Eyelash Perming is amazing for enhancing the look of your eyes.

Is this treatment recommended for everyone?

It is suitable for most types of eyelashes even if they are thin or short.

It is not for everyone though:
*Eyelash perming is not meant for those with eye problems or disorders.
*Those with highly sensitive skin should avoid this treatment altogether

Eyelash Perming takes approximately 45min to complete.

The eyelashes must first be cleaned
Eyelash rollers are then shaped and placed on the eyelids.
Each individual eyelash is then correctly positioned on the roller.
A relaxer gel is applied to the eyelashes and left for 10 minutes.
Following the relaxer a gel fixer is applied to lock in the shape of the curler.

Eyelash Perming typically lasts between4weeks to 6 weeks.

Eyelash perming

Eyelash perming is for anyone who likes to have the look of curled lashes everyday without having to use a mechanical eyelash curler which is time consuming and can weaken or break the lashes.