Thickness: 0.20mm

Length: 10-15mm


Thickness: 0.20mm

Length: 10-13mm


Without Eyelash Extensions
Before & after: same model with the two different shapes of eyelash extensions




Each Individual eyelash is then attached to your existing lashes using a surgical grade adhesive

Eye pads are gntly placed over your bottom lashes to prevent any adhesive attaching to the lower lashes.

Procedure: Application of a full set  takes approximately 90 minutes to complete
Customized eyelash extensions


Lengths: 6mm to 17mm in 1 mm increments

Thickness: 0.10mm / 0.12mm / 0.15mm / 0.20mm


Lengths: 6mm to 17mm in 1mm increments

Thickeness: 0.10mm / 0.12mm / 0.15mm / 0.20mm

We take the time with each individual to decide on the correct style, shape, and length of lashes based upon:

Your ete type, your facial structire, and most importamtly your desired appearance.

Completely customized eyelash extensions.

After all everyone has different eye shapes and different needs each of which require special care and consideration.

We promise:

The use of eyelash extensions  as beauty aids is becoming an increasing popular way to change the way one looks without resorting to surgery. It is a simple solytion that is relatively easy to accomplish. As long as proper bonding between the semi permanet eyelash and the natural eyelash takes place, it is possible to wear eyelash extensions almost anywhere and participate in almost any activity. This makes it possible for you to look your best, and draw attention to your eyes, while you do almost anything.

Eyelash extensions